Join us for a weekend of workshops featuring top names in geek bellydance and performance! From sword dancing to geeky ATS, this year we've got something delightfully geeky for every style of bellydance. Learn more about our workshop instructors here.



Durham Arts Council

9 - 11 AM: Belladonna -"Sword Kata and Short Choreography"

11 -1 PM: Free time/Lunch 

ROOM A: 1 PM - 3 PM: Twila Jane Sikorsky - "Character Sketch Room"

ROOM B: 1 PM - 3PM: Dana Beaufait - "Veil Poi for Cosplay Powers"



World In Motion Dance Studio

10 AM - 12 PM: Belladonna - "Lord of the Rings ITS"

12 -1 PM: Free time/Lunch 

1 PM - 3 PM: Karma Karmelita - "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!"





9 -11 AM

Everyone remembers the famous scene of Conan standing atop the hill and performing his powerful and unique sequence of swinging his sword. Belladonna—as a master of sword belly dance—has studied, learned and perfected this famous sword kata just for you. This specialty workshop focuses on the idea and premise of sword Kata and teaches you the Conan sequence. We all have warriors within, this workshop helps you bring that to the surface in a fun and geeky way.

Please bring your own sword. This class is suitable for all levels of sword mastery, from beginners to experienced sword dancers.

Character Sketch Twila photo by Len Murtha.jpg


Twila Jane Sikorsky

1 - 3 PM

Have you ever wanted to be a dancing creature, something from nature, or embody something completely new? This class is all about bringing fantasy to life, through movement and facial expression. Students will learn how to include bellydance into their fusion ideas with integrity and a reference to source where appropriate, while bringing their unique ideas to life. Twila will also teach an exciting theatrical dance combination, and explain how a performance would be addressed with lights, music, and props.

This workshop is appropriate for intermediate to advanced dancers, with adventerous beginners welcome.



Dana Beaufait

1 - 3 PM

Learn how to water bend, transform like a Sailor Scout and make the weather obey your every command like Storm--all with the power of Veilpoi! Veilpoi is a flow prop that creates mystical power-like bellows of silk. In this workshop. Dana will teach you how to create your own Voi to match your dance or cosplay theme and a few combos in different 'bending styles' that will help you get those perfect character power effects for your performances or cosplay photos.

Bring your own veils or poi. If you don't have your own, Dana will have loaner Veilpoi for the class as well as sets for purchase. This workshop is suitable for all levels of dancer, as well as cosplayers looking to incorporate a dynamic prop into their looks.





10 AM - 12 PM

Inspired by the elves of Middle Earth, Belladonna has created a series of short choreographed combinations great for all levels of dancer! This workshop focuses on the elves of Rivendell and the elves of Lothlorien. Each unique fragment of choreography is created with an emphasis on technique and a goal to help you add new tools to your dancer's tool box. Belladonna's "Fusion Fragments" are a series of short combinations of technique that have a cueing system for applying them to Bohemian ITS (Improvisational tribal Style) or they can be used in your own choreography or solo improvisation.

This class is perfect for all styles of bellydance!



Karma Karmelita

1 - 3 PM

Heavy hitting, fast and furious, and guaranteed to melt some faces—these combinations are designed for theatrical fusion performances! The course will start off with a light conditioning section to get our muscles firing and ready for battle, then launch into 3 complex and challenging combinations to rad 80s electronic synthwave music! This class is appropriate for intermediate dancers and up.



Durham Arts Council

Wachovia Dance Studio (2nd Floor)

120 Morris Street Durham, NC



World In Motion Dance Studio

10269-500 Chapel Hill Road

Morrisville, NC