D&D 101 Workshop

D&D 101 Workshop

15.00 20.00

Learn the basics of D&D in a fun one-shot adventure hosted by LXBD’s experienced and patient DMs!

This hands-on workshop is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a low-pressure and supportive introduction to the world of D&D and tabletop RPGs. We’ve created a starter kit for beginners to help get you rolling—you’ll get a custom-made character based off your preferences, beginner-friendly cheat sheets, and your own set of dice to take with you into your next adventure!

Space is very limited for these workshops, so make sure to sign up if you want to participate!

Workshop Dates/Times/Locations

Friday, April 5th 7:00-10:30pm

Saturday, April 6th 10am-12:30pm

Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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