Belladonna is a modern fusion belly dance instructor, performers and show producer from Washington DC. She is also a certified yoga instructor, fire dancers, troupe director and artist. Inspired by the power and healing dance can evoke she belies that self expression is essential for ones well being, and hopes her performances inspire others to find a passion they want to pursue. She is best known as a pioneer of modern sword dancing, and for her theatrical performances, creative concepts and her ability to break down and teach complex subject matter.

She has been a guest performer with international superstars such as Amanda Palmer, Beats Antique, Corvus Corax, the Bellydance Super Stars and the Indigo. She has also had the honor of being a featured performer and instructor at national and international festivals such as Tribal Fest, Art of the Belly, Rakkasah Spring Caravan, Tribal Alchemy, Elevation,  Awakening Persephone, 3rd Coast Tribal, Gothla UK, FesTribal de Quebec as well as many private events, medieval events, cultural events and parties.

She is the creative director and producer of  the annual Raven’s Night Soiree’, and the bi-monthly Bohemian Belly Dance Brunch.  She also is the director of three student troupes, BellaTrix,  DashKhaleen  and Khalasar. Professionally Belladonna is a skilled soloists, as well as one half of the dynamic duo Skella.

Belladonna teaches weekly classes in the DC & NOVA area and travels to other cities and countries for specialty events.  Over the last several years she has produced 2 sword instructional DVDs and developed her own belly dance teacher training and sword certification programs.


Dana Beaufait

Dana Beaufait Stevens has been a Belly Dancer for close to 20 years, and has been a supporter of nerdom for her entire life! Playing D&D with her parents, and World of Warcraft from nilla. Woot!  This created an ambition to combine her performance art skills with her love of fantasy and Science Fiction. With make up, cosplay and a new dance prop that has become known for 'bending' or 'super powers' in the cosplay community.

Dana Beaufait Stevens created Veil Poi, Poi Veil, Voi, Silk Poi, a new Belly Dance prop that has been taking the world by storm. Even though it has many different names it is always fun and Beautiful to dance with. In 2007, Dana released her instructional DVD 'Voi: Fireless Poi Spinning'  to promote her own Voi technique to an international audience. Since then it has taken off to inspire Dancers from Japan, Russia, Europe, Australia and the United States, just to name a few, to create their own techniques and choreography.


Karma Karmelita

Karmelita, or Karma for short, began her journey into belly dance in 2005.  A rowdy tomboy and farmgirl, she never expected to fall head over heels in love with this performance art form!  Throughout the years, she has studied and performed all over--from Las Vegas to Istanbul, Turkey! She has danced for weddings, parties, and events for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, including Punjabi Superstar, Imran Khan.  

Karma has become one of the most sought after Atlanta belly dance artists, and for good reason!  She is most known for her highly energetic and fabulously fun belly dance and fire shows.  Though her free spirit and infectious smile will really warm your heart, Karma prides herself in being a high quality entertainer, having invested so much time, research, distance, and blood-sweat-and-tears into her craft.  She'll make you laugh, she'll make you clap, she'll make you sit on the edge of your seat with her daring scimitar and fire-eating stunts.

Karma is also a certified professional geek. No really! She is a member of one of the largest nerdlesque collective troupes in the southeast, The FANDom, and performs regularly for local nerdy events, including the big, bad DragonCon. An avid fan of multiple genres and platforms, her main faves are adventure, horror, and Fallout. Mainly Fallout.



Tira Kira

LXBD member Tira Kira has been transforming into otherworldly beings with professional makeup artistry for over 10 years.  With experience in both theatrical makeup and traditional cosmetics,  she brings a multitude of knowledge on the art of transfiguration.  Ever seeking to share the art of becoming something more than human, she is thrilled to be back to teach at the second year of the geektastic workshops!

PalinOptika Fave arms.jpg

Twila Jane Sikorsky

Forest-raised and city-swathed, her creative beginnings flourished with paintbrushes, secret imaginings, gardens, music, stories, and adornment, later expanding to photography and experiments in body modification. She spent years in her own darkroom developing haunting images, playing in punk bands, and later writing strange music on bass guitars, writing abstract poetry, and as a professional body piercer before embarking on her life as a bellydance-based movement artist, currently under reconstruction.

These days, Twila dances everywhere, and owns and directs Electric Nomad Dance (formerly Illumination Dance), now in its seventh year of operation in Richmond, Virginia. It is a place where people are compassionately invited to dance and integrate the many facets of their creative lives, within a community of people who want to do the same, all to a soundtrack of live music whenever possible.

Twila also dances, sings, and plays music with her accordionist sidekick Barry Bless in their collaboration “Professor and Madwoman” and the Happy Lucky Combo; she tours nationally teaching bellydance and performing, and creates wildly theatrical dances and shows in Richmond and elsewhere. She spends a lot of time musing over ways to return to the basics of the human experience, while dancing full speed into a future.

Twila's dance training began in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, and has evolved and fused over the years into Electric Nomad Dance, her ever-transforming style of performance and dance. Twila's recent dance obsessions and studies have been in Turkish Orientale and Romani styles, and Unmata ITS, which she has recently completed teacher training in and plans to start teaching very soon! She has also become an Initiate of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements certification program, with hopes to continue study in that program. In the classroom, Twila focuses  on creating excellent technical foundations, inspiring individual voice, and cultivating reverence and respect for the dances and cultures from which bellydance have emerged. Visit www.electricnomad.net for more information about classes in Richmond.