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Durham, NC – June 2019 – The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers announces Dungeons & Dancers, an upcoming stage show blending the captivating art of belly dance with the immersive storytelling of Dungeons & Dragons.

After four years of producing sold-out shows paying homage to their favorite fandoms, Dungeons & Dancers levels up The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers’ (LXBD) theatrical take on belly dance. Along with their decades of experience as performers, LXBD members are D&D and table-top role-playing veterans. “I’ve been belly dancing for over 16 years and playing D&D since I was in the womb. Dance and Dungeons & Dragons are two of my biggest passions in life, so putting them together is a dream come true.” says LXBD member Sara Beaman. 

The story of Dungeons & Dancers follows a group of stalwart adventurers as they search for a powerful and ancient artifact—The Sanguine Amulet. Along the way, they’ll encounter monsters, traps, and more! “We wanted to evoke the feeling of sitting around a table with a group of friends playing D&D - and all the epic and ridiculous things that unfold as you play. What better way to do that than including an actual campaign in our show?” says troupe director and Dungeon Master, Emily Beaman. And so, Dungeons & Dancers was born—a story told through dance, with dialogue and theatrics capturing the vitality and magic of a game of D&D.

Instead of going the traditional route of ticketing, The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers wanted to give the audience a chance to get really involved in the show and follow them as they prepare for this most epic journey. All show tickets are available through their Kickstarter, which runs through July 25th, 2019. The Dungeons & Dancers Kickstarter has already raised 75% of its initial funding goal in under two days and there are multiple exciting stretch goals—including the original 5e D&D adventure module that inspired Dungeons & Dancers! To purchase tickets and get other fun belly dance and D&D-themed rewards, visit the Dungeons & Dancers Kickstarter. For more information about The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers go to http://www.geekbellydancers.com and follow them on social media for updates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).