Progress Update #2

AHHHH our Kickstarter is live!!!!

Sara’s badass shirt design.

Sara’s badass shirt design.

It was a more than a bit nerve-wracking to take this dream of ours and put it in a place where we can tangibly measure if enough people agree that it’s worthwhile. Over the past few weeks I’ve had visions of launching the Kickstarter and being met with complete disinterest. As a producer and artist (wow, I feel like an ass for referring to myself like that), I know the importance of setting a success mindset. Unfortunately my brain is made up of 200% ANXIETY. Also, when you’ve been working non-stop on a project it can be hard to get a sense of whether things are going well or not. Everything feels like it is either a sign that this is the coolest project ever or you’re a complete failure and it was so dumb of you to think this would work.

But hey, you proved my incessant worries wrong! In just 24 hours, we’ve raised more than 50% of our goal. It gives me hope that we may just be able to do this thing!! Though the anxiety trolls in my head keep whispering that people are going to see that we’re doing well and decide not to pledge. Don’t worry, I’m telling them to be quiet and trying to listen to my positivity and productivity pixies instead. If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter yet, what the heck are you waiting for? That’s where you’ll get tickets to see the show, grab our awesome new shirt design, or get one of our other fun rewards!

In other news, I’ve finished editing together all of the drafts of our show audio together. I’m such a sap that I teared up a bit when I got toward the end of the show—it just hit me all at once how much this project means to us and how good it’s going to be. I tend to be somewhat of a realist when it comes to my creations, so I hope you’ll believe me when I say DAMN, this is the best thing we’ve ever worked on. If you’re curious at all about the process I used to compile all the audio, check out the video below. Spoiler alert: I am not an audio engineer so please don’t cringe too hard if you are.

Up next for us is rehearsing the entire show with the newly compiled audio, making adjustments, and then creating our video backdrops for the show. We’re fortunate to have a projector at our disposal that we can use to project all kinds of interesting backgrounds on the stage. Our Jedi vs. Sith dance video is a good example of what we’ve done with the projector in the past.

That’s all for now! I’ll check back in soon about new developments and any fun Kickstarter updates. Until then, thank you for your support!

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