Progress Update #1

Hey there, it’s Emily—Dungeons & Dancers creative director and friendly LXBD overlord!

Where should I begin? Well, for the last 12 months we’ve been working our butts off choreographing, dancing, making costumes and props, writing scripts, and playing D&D (okay that last one isn’t really work). Things are finally falling into place and the show is really starting to come to life!

When we decided to make a Dungeons & Dancers, we knew it was a big commitment. We had to put going to other conventions, holding smaller local shows, and other projects that we typically do on hold for over a year. It was tough at times to keep momentum going when we didn’t have much to show our followers. When your level 1 it’s hard to imagine what level 20 is going to look like!

Currently we’re gearing up to launch our Kickstarter (link coming soon, sign up for our newsletter to hear when it is live). The idea is to sell tickets to the premiere in August while also allowing people who can’t come in person to become a part of the adventure too. If things go REALLY well and we meet a stretch goal, I'll take the plunge and make an official Dungeons & Dancers campaign guide 😱😱😱. I’ve already fleshed out a rough draft and it would be a dream come true to put it my stab at a D&D adventure out into the world for others to play!

So where are we in terms of preparation for the premiere in August? For our dances, we only have one more small choreography to learn—all of the other dances are done and we’ve moved on to feverishly rehearsing them. As a choreographer, it’s a huge relief to know that it won’t be a last minute scramble to finish dances. Likewise, the script for the show is finalized and we’re currently in the process of recording and editing audio. We’re not professional voice actors or audio engineers, but we’re doing the best we can after a lot of research and practice. Luckily my closet has enough space to double as a recording studio! 😂

Once all the audio is edited and mixed, the next task is to create out video projections for the backdrops and such. Along with that, we’ll begin rehearsing the show in its entirety and doing tech rehearsals. Whew, I got tired just thinking about all the work that I have on the horizon!

Overall, we’re at a really great place with a little less then 2.5 months left to get everything ready. Please stay tuned here and on our social media for info about the Kickstarter launch—you can even subscribe to our newsletter for updates and exclusive content. We need your help to make this show a success!

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