August 24, 2019 - PSI Theater - Durham, NC


What is Dungeons & Dancers?

Dungeons & Dancers is a theatrical production that blends the captivating art of belly dance with the immersive storytelling of Dungeons & Dragons.

Both dance and tabletop roleplaying have the power to transport us to other worlds filled with magic and exciting new experiences! Dungeons & Dancers is our love letter to the boundless potential for creativity and storytelling that both of these forms of expression provide. 

The story of Dungeons & Dancers follows our party as they search for an ancient artifact known as the Sanguine Amulet.

All the danger and delights of an epic fantasy tale await them, but what sets this show apart is the original D&D adventure that inspired it. We wanted to evoke the feeling of sitting around a table with friends and enjoying the epic and ridiculous things that unfold as you play. And what better way to do that then actually play through a campaign? The end result is a story told through dance and dialogue that captures the vitality and magic of a game of D&D.

Dungeons & Dancers will debut over 10 brand-new choreographies made just for the show, as well as new versions of two beloved LXBD dances.

We explore the wide range of belly dance styles and props, using all that this rich dance form has to offer to tell our story.

When is the Show?


The premiere of Dungeons & Dancers will take place on August 24, 2019 at the PSI Theater in Durham, NC.

This performance celebrates the 5th anniversary of Geektastic–The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers' annual stage-show.  Over the years, Geektastic has become a  must-see show, hosting the top talent in theatrical bellydance and consistently enhancing the theatrical experience. We're thrilled to level up Geektastic once more and bring our audience the best show yet with Dungeons & Dancers!

How do I get Tickets?

All tickets will be sold via our Kickstarter (going live soon, sign up to get notifications here).

Will There be Other Opportunities to See Dungeons & Dancers?

We’ve put so much time, love, and effort into creating this show that we’d love to share it with a wider audience. If we get enough funding through our Kickstarter, that will go a long way toward taking the show on tour and possibly even videos of the show for online audiences who can’t make it in person!

If you’re interested in hosting Dungeons & Dancers at your convention or event, send us an email!

How Else can I Support Dungeons & Dancers?

We appreciate any support you can give us to help make Dungeons & Dancers spectacular! If you aren’t able to make it to the show, you can still support us by grabbing one of our other Kickstarter rewards and sharing the Kickstarter on social media to help spread the word.