Show Program


7:00 PM: Doors open and ticket check-in starts

7:30: Act 1

8:15: Intermission

8:30: Act 2


Main Cast

juniper (1).jpg

Deserae as Juniper the Elven Wizard

Deserae is our mad costuming genius who brought Cupcake the Beholder and the Crystal Wizards to life! She also choreographed the Crystal Wizards dance.

Etta 1 retouched.jpg

Lauren as Etta the Human Gunslinger

Lauren is the main script writer for the show. She put her wit and talent into shaping the humor and tone of the show’s dialogue. She also helped coordinate staging and props, not an easy task!


Sonya as Ziva the Dwarf Paladin

Sonya coordinated our Kickstarter afterparty and aided in making sure that all of our props and stage hand directions were ready to go for the show.

lady mara.jpg

Emily as Lady Mara

Emily is the show director and head choreographer. She voices the Dungeon Master and all the NPCs (Tommy, Lady Mara, Juniper, Solenzara). She is also the script co-writer, LXBD’s resident DM, and a million other things that would take too long to list here.

Fairelith retouched.jpg

Michalene as Fairelith the Elven Cleric

Michalene is our magnificent prop-smith, creating our tavern tables and crystal formation. She’s also LXBD’s troupe videographer, helping make sure we see how our dances look and make adjustments.

very shopped sherry wizard.jpg

Zaftig as Cupcake the Beholder

Zaftig also shows off a wide range of skills, portraying a crystal wizard, a guild member, a cabbage merchant, and more! She’s always there to lend a hand and help make sure things get done.


Harleen as Solenzara the Drow Thief

Harleen is a steadfast member of LXBD who helped create Cupcake the Beholder, organized our rehearsal schedule, and is always ready to work hard and bring her best to the stage.

teeli retouched.jpg

Sara as Teeli the Half Elf Bard

Sara is LXBD’s amazing graphic designer, creating the artwork for our Dungeons & Dancers shirts and the cover of “The Darkling’s Desire”. She also helped with prop creation and design.

Guest Performers

Dayanisma as Tommy’s Folks

Dayanisma is a professional ATS® troupe that was created in 2011 by Dawn Ruckert. The mission statement of Dayanisma is “To convey our joy and love of dance in a way that is felt as well as seen.”


Nita as the Specter

Nita is a Fusion Belly Dancer and a lover of the arts. She enjoys creating stories with her body as an expression from the heart. She runs Republic Belly Dance and strives to bring the artist community together.


Northside Tribe as the Melusine

Formed in 2012 under the direction of instructor Lacy Perry, Northside Tribe is a student-led troupe based in north Atlanta. They perform Lacy’s original tribal fusion choreographies, American Tribal Style®, and pieces of their own creation throughout the Southeast. Jeanette joined in the founding year, 2012, and Cat followed a year later in 2013. The Tribe is known for their quirky and nerdy themed performances ranging from Jedi knights to Firefly inspired steampunk. Tribe members, Jeanette and Cat, show their love of all things geeky by combining ATS and tribal fusion techniques with humor and their goofy personalities.

Crystal Creatures: Debbie, Joanne, Rachel, Shahzaadee, Stephanie, and Vandy.

Cultists: Rachel, Sydney, Vandy, and Zaftig.

Sea Hags: Nita, Rachel, and Sydney.

Sylphs: Nita, Rachel, Vandy, and Vanni.

Will o’ Wisps: Debbie, Joanne, Shahzaadee, Sydney, and Vandy.


cirque du slay.jpg

Cirque Du Slay

Cirque du Slay is an event produced by Lisa Allred Dance (one of our fabulous Dungeons & Dancers performers!) and Idiosyncrasy Performance Artist Collective. Cirque du Slay features a day of workshops and a hauntingly beautiful and sometimes terrifying show that evening. Mark your calendars for October 27th - you don't want to miss this terrific event!

Tickets and workshop registration here.


Gamers Geekery & Tavern

Gamers is a tavern and event space created for geekery minded people to hang out and socialize. They have an extensive board game collection that patrons can use to play games, an Esports and viewing area (currently under construction – ETA end of August at the latest). Thet currently host a multitude of weekly/monthly events such as Smash Bros tournaments (Monday and monthly); Magic tournaments (FNM and monthly); and Carolina Clash monthly. Along with the excellent gaming, they offer a limited but high-quality menu; and feature a nice beer (draft and bottle), wine, and mead selection!

Find out more at

Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers who helped make this show into a reality. Special thanks to our VIP donors—Thomas Martin, Zach Medoff, and Patti Beaman—you all rock!