Interview with a Geek: Tira Kira

Tira Kira as an Ewok at the Star Wars show

Tira Kira as an Ewok at the Star Wars show

When did you start bellydancing?

I started dancing my first year of graduate school while I was studying to be a counselor.  We always talked about self-care and so I decided to do something just for me!  So in Fall of 2012, I started taking classes in the cabaret style in Greensboro, NC.  Now I’m in Raleigh and I’m some strange concoction of styles and I plan on being a lifelong dancer.

How did you get your stage name?

My stage name is a combination of two of my favorite characters who I think sum up my dance persona.  Tira from the Soul Calibur franchise sums up my playful, impish, and a little bit twisted side.  In contrast, Kira from The Dark Crystal (my fave movie) speaks to my more peaceful and fairy-like side.

Why did you decide to audition for LXBD?

I decided to audition for LXBD as a long time fangirl of  the troupe.   I’ve always wanted to take my obsession for fandoms and turn them into dances, so it felt like a perfect fit to be a part of a tribe of other people who wanted to do the same.

What’s been your favorite LXBD moment?

My fave LXBD moment so far has been becoming “Linda” the beholder in our D&D Dance.  From making her in a garage, trying to figure out how to hold her (it’s not easy), to moving my arms JUST right to make my confuse ray believable, it was a tough and hilarious endeavor.  The end result was fantastic and it felt so worth it when we heard the delight of the audience at Geektastic 3 when Linda made her debut!

What’s your favorite LXBD dance?

It’s so hard to choose!  I think my favorite dance right now is the Game of Thrones theme where we dress as Dothraki!  It’s fun to learn and I love how the music and moves flow together.  Not to mention I adore GoT!

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I’m currently working on choreographing my very first solo!  It’s going to call more on the cute and campy side of my dance persona and is based on a well-known character from the Final Fantasy Series.  Be on the lookout for that coming soon!

Do you have any side projects?

I have too many things and not enough time!  I do costuming, painting, makeup artistry, and anything that can possibly involve glitter. You can see what I’m up to by checking out my Facebook or Instagram!


Favorite fandom and why?

Ugh, this is too hard!  I’m a huge Disney, Harry Potter, and GoT lover (just to get started on my list).  But if I had to choose one, I’d go with Disney.  Disney represents all things magical and helps me keep a childlike sense of wonder.  Disney creates characters who are brave, villainous, beautiful, and diverse.  The stories are timeless and the music is iconic.  

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Which Disney character would you want stranded on a desert island with you and why?

My initial reaction is to pick Ursula to get her to turn jumbo size so I could just ride her back to the mainland but I feel like that’s cheating soooo . I would pick Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?  He has a pretty solid track record of getting off of deserted islands, always seems to have rum, and who doesn’t want to sit and talk with a pirate ... who also happens to be Johnny Depp?