Interview with a Geek: Luna

How'd you come up with your stage name: Luna?

I had to pick a stage name for the very first troupe I joined. I wanted something easy to spell, easy to pronounce and easy for me to remember. I was a super fan of Blue Moon Dance Company, so I wanted my dance name to be somehow related to the moon or stars or something celestial-sounding. the name "Luna" popped into my mind first, so I went with it.

When did you first start bellydancing?

I took my first bellydance class around the turn of the century (2001 or maybe 2002?) I've taken breaks here and there, but it's the only creative or physical endeavor that's stuck with me.

A herd of 100 hungry cats vs a T-Rex. Who would win?

100 hungry cats.

Why do you perform?

Mostly because it's fun and I need to justify all the money and time I've spent on costuming to myself. And also I need to have a goal to focus on (so I'll be forced to practice as to not embarrass my troupemates.)

What made you want to join LXBD?

As with most things in my life, I didn't put a lot of thought into it. It sounded fun. I knew Emily is a great choreographer and a lovely person. I also knew a couple friends of mine were trying out. So I just signed up to audition and hoped for the best.

And that's definitely not ego talking ... it's 80% pure optimism and 20& tomfoolery.

It did not go so great. Fortunately, Emmy Beams decided to give me a chance and apparently it's all worked out okay.

See? Optimism? YEAH! HAHA!