Interview with a Geek: Sirona von Sirius

Oh, lookie - another interview. What is this, Christmas? This time, we interviewed Sirona von Sirius. 

                       Dancer, artist, pianist, painter - a modern day Renaissance woman!

                       Dancer, artist, pianist, painter - a modern day Renaissance woman!


How'd you come up with your stage name, Sirona von Sirius?

I was searching for a goddess I could embody, and in my search I discovered Sirona, who was a Gaul goddess associated with healing and fertility, as well as the stars. At the time that I adopted the name, I was nurturing a healthy infatuation with alien transmissions received from the star Sirius throughout history. Voila, Sirona von [from the star system] Sirius was born!

When did you first start bellydancing?

I first started in 2007 with Sadiya, a.k.a. Terri Allred, a wonderful teacher. The first time I saw bellydance live was in 2002 at a club in Chapel Hill, NC, and I was mesmerized by the powerful energy emanating from one of the more mature dancers. I realized in that moment that bellydance was for me.

You get to name one video game character to be your BFF 4 lyfe. Who would it be and why?

Terra from FFVI is my video game character BFF. I also have an Esper form so I think we’d have some good times together.

Why do you perform?

On the deepest level, I perform in order to be seen. For me, being able to express myself with the intention that some fraction of who and what I am will be communicated to the viewer is one of the greatest gifts of being alive.

Do you have any side projects? Tell us about them!

Always! I’m a singer-songwriter, artist, actress, model, and writer, so I’m always creating in some form or another. Within the past six months I’ve renewed my passion for painting and plan on having exhibits and selling my work online. Right now I’m living in France with my boyfriend while he builds his life's passion as a winemaker, so painting is also something I can easily do in my new surroundings while continuing my French language studies.


Back in the United States, I’m also in the process of acting in “Hellions Rise”, a dear friend’s horror film, which should be released sometime next year. I’m reaching out to bellydancers in France to be a part of the dance community here. And, of course, I’m always excited to be a part of The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers to see what we cook up next! <3